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Project: Escazu Village

Type: Mixed-use, Residential, Commerical, Office

Arch Collaboration: Marlo Trejos Arquitectos + d3I
Development Team: Portafolio Inmobiliario

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Project Role: Urban Designer + Owners Rep

The area of ​​Los Anonos, in Escazú, today offers low residential density, segregation of functions, poor care of the facades at street level, scarcity and discontinuity of sidewalks, factors that combined result in a degraded and insecure urban space. for the pedestrian. 

In this unfriendly context, Escazú Village is inserted. The project is located on a 2.6-hectare plot of land, whose intermediate position between highway 27 and the residential neighborhoods of Trejos Montealegre, Anonos and Bello Horizonte demands an articulation between the regional and the local scale. 

The area to be built is 108,000 square meters distributed in four basement levels and buildings from 6 to 12 stories high. All of the 1,600 vehicle parking spaces required by current regulations will be built underground. In the basement there will also be 300 parking spaces for bicycles equipped with changing rooms. In this way, those who work in the planned 12,000 square meters of offices will be able to pedal to their jobs.

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